Thursday, August 26, 2010


Parntu, meaning fish in the local Paakantyi language

Wilcannia is the only town between Cobar and Broken Hill. You’d reckon people would want to stop here for a rest having driven 260kms and with another 200kms ahead to get to Broken Hill. But many won’t dally here.

The town has around 700 residents, many of whom are aboriginal Australians. It’s isolated. It looks battered and beaten and has a bad reputation but I like it and there’s much of interest here so we will wander about for while.


  1. I found these feelings arising as I travelled through the Kimberleys. But with the assistance of our guides, I learnt what there was to love about these small aboriginal towns and not to be afeared.

    This is a nice start. I like this sort of indigenous art. I am even starting to be able to recognise where the differing styles come from.

  2. what an interesting piece of art ...

  3. I like the anatomical detail in the fish

  4. This is so cool! Love the colours.

  5. Well I just love borrowing some wifi and having a catch up! You are soo right about how I'd feel about 'em, and I love the (crumbs I hope it's newish) new hader background too. ;-)

  6. Out there in the desert I felt like I was walking in a living aboriginal painting ... more so the dot paintings than this particular style which I also find attractive.

    Pete, the header is a new as this trip so well spotted.