Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our next place to explore was the Railway Roundhouse. Now I have never heard of such a thing. It turns out to be a big garage for trains. The turntable in the centre (see below) allows the trains to go into their various parking spots.

Half of the roundhouse is still operating on train repair and refurbishment, the other half is a museum. I rather like trains and this place lets you crawl all over them so there is more to come in the next couple of posts.


  1. There is an outdoor turntable at the Eveleigh yards near Redfern, too. I have decided that I like trains, too. And I like the things that go with trains, like sitting on stations and watching the people. Stations are sooo much more interesting that airports. A airport is plastic and lycra. A station is linen and cork.

    I look forward to the next few days ...

  2. So this is where trains go to sleep.... :)

  3. The roundhouse here in Mainz is an "Eventlocation" now as we call it in German .... ;-).

    They are fascinating buildings.

  4. San Francisco's famous cable-cars have manually operated turn tables at the terminus of each line to allow the cars to change directions for the return legs. Wonderful old anachronisms.

  5. Julie, I found another roundhouse at Peterborough on our current trip but did not visit on this occasion.

    Megan, yes bit I didn't know that until I visited Junee.

    Martina, I think a roundhouse would make a great event location.

    Bill, I think we are all rather fond of the old anachronisms.