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Licorice factory

After afternoon tea we came back to the camp by way of the licorice factory. Did you know flour is a primary ingredient of licorice? I didn't. Anyway, an old flour mill in Junee which mills its own organic flour settled on making licorice as a value add. It is a delightful enterprise with a great trade in delicious licorice, free factory tours, cafe, function rooms and gift shop. All with a distinctly mediterranean feel.

We stocked up on licorice and chocolate to see us through the night which looked set to be chilly.


  1. Junee has a liquorice factory. Well I never!! I bought liquorice only yesterday. So down that direction is where I must make my next rail journey. Will check up on a coupla things on Bruce's blog too. About railway musea

  2. Julie, I agree I think it would make a nice rail journey and a worthwhile destination. And yes there is lots of rail history (coming up in the blog). You'd need to catch a cab out there though.

  3. I didn't know that either :) Lovely pictures by the way - that color palette gives them an enchanted feel.

  4. Everything looks very mediterranean. Wonderful light.

    Liqourice is one of the things that divides people ... I never understood how someone can eat it without being forced to, ;-).

  5. Mary Ann and Megan, if you like the colours here and think this is gorgeous overload wait for my next wayfaring trip ... sensory overload at every turn.

    Martina, I like licorice.

  6. Love the cracked pot and the colours in general.


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