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Grand living

Inside the house was a grand display of all the nick nacks so favoured in the Victorian era. It is a mystery to me how people can enjoy living among such clutter but the state of my husband's office suggests to me that he would have made a very fine Victorian gentleman. What about you?

In light of the comments I've added some secondary photos which illustrate the style if not the extent of the objects on display.


  1. Make a fine Victorian Gentleman? Nah, probably not.

    But seriously, this is YOU. This is sooo you. Especially the hats on the stand.

    All this sort of stuff equates to things decorating your own house right now. YOU are the Victorian 'gentleman' ... You have all those gorgeous things from your parents and in-laws which are lovingly spread around your house. More than you could use in a life-time but cannot live without. You have been blessed, m'dear, with the inheritances that you ... what is the word for what a museum person does with a display ... I will think of it during the day and as General McArthur said ... "I shall return ..."

  2. I don't think this is clutter as such. At least it's ordered.

  3. Julie, maybe it is the pot calling the kettle black :-)

    However, I notice the photos I selected represent what I found pleasing and the level of historic clutter I can live with (indeed do live with) but the house was much much more stuffed with stuff than this in the high Victorian style of ornamentation and trinkets filling every possible horizontal surface and pictures filling every wall ... though as Winam says, all orderly.

  4. I've added a few more photos by way of explanation.

  5. It certainly has been done with a larger degree of elegance than i could muster. No no ... I do not have a lot of collectables from down the ages. I have a lot of photos and documents ... I would like more collectables but have been blessed with rellie who chuck things out!!

  6. And this is what prompted my second visit for the day ...

    I did not know there was a Rail Museum up your way. I have just checked out their website and it looks very interesting. I shall have to arrange to go up there. It is only 750m from Valley Heights station ... I did not even know there was a VH station!

  7. These are some fine detail shots of the Victorian era atmosphere.


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