Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go west

Madam TomTom, our new passenger

After a nice breakfast at the local bakery we followed Madam’s instructions and turned along the highway to ‘Cobber’, which we reached 130 kms later.  Passing through this town I was rather surprised to have not heard a peep from her so pressed the button to see what she had in store for us next. 

“Go straight ahead for 440 kilometers then turn right to A-’del-aide”.  I guess we weren’t going to hear from her for a while.


  1. Maybe, they could teach her to recite a few comedy routines to keep you entertained on long Australian highways.

  2. LOL! Nice to meet Madam who doesn't speak very much! :-)

  3. This happened to us a few times while on the road in the US. It's a funny feeling to have so much open road ahead.

  4. This could never have happend in Germany ... ;-)