Monday, August 30, 2010

Friendly grocer

Supermarket, Wilcannia

When I tell you this is the local supermarket, one of the few shops in town that is open I guess you get the idea. Even the pub, which is also open has its windows boarded up. 

We heeded the plea “It’s worth the walk” to go visit the takeaway for lunch but found it out of business so after buying a few rations at the Friendly Grocer we went back to the service station over the road (where petrol costs a fortune) to have very good hamburgers to fortify us for the next leg of the journey.   

Shop next door to the supermarket


  1. Redfern Street is similarly boarded up. But with shutters over doorways as well. Sad commentary.

    These buildings seem newer than the ones from yesterday ... and inferior in original design and construction.

  2. It's really sad to see a town like an oversized jail.

  3. It almost looks like you need a crowbar to get into the Friendly Grocer.

  4. It's a shame those windows are all boarded up.

  5. The boarded windows were the first things that caught my eyes - to me the most depressing thing with this is that these shops look like they don't sell that many things worth the crowbar-action AB mentioned ...

  6. I didn't know IGA was international. I don't know if there are any left here but I remember shopping at one close to home and loved it. Any way you look at it, smaller is friendlier.