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Coach house

I was more fascinated by the photographic possibilities in the coach house at Monte Cristo. They have a huge collection of horse drawn vehicles.


  1. Oh my!! Isn't this a treasure trove! I can smell those mouldy old leathers. I would just love to visit that barn. But re the comment you left on Ann's blog about the difference in photographic style, my shots would be all buckles and spokes ...

  2. I love all your picture stories. It makes me feel like I have visited your fine country. Thank you from sunny California, USA

  3. Only 30 miles east of Tulsa is a small Amish community. It is not uncommon to see horse drawn buggys and wagons in that area.

  4. Julie, I took a few spokes, no buckles but the light and that filmy grass blown in by the wind won me over.

    Lisa, glad you are enjoying the blog. I have a wonderful long trip inland coming up after this.

    Bill, we don't have Armish communities here and rarely see horse drawn vehicles but we actually came across two travelling together on our current trip ... it was quite a shock coming over a hill at highway speed and finding slow moving horse buggys on the road. Thank goodness the brakes work.

  5. and you certainly took advantage of
    them! i love the light filtering in from
    the sidedoor. just lovely.

    coming from a ranching, cowboy clan,
    i also enjoyed all the bridles, etc.

    my 22 yr. old son recently told me that
    anyone can be a photographer now that
    photoshop is available. i patted him on
    the head and said, "honey, you really
    shouldn't express opinions about things
    which you know so little."

    i thought of you and julie, who are such
    exquisite photographers. photoshop
    can not "see" the subject, find the shot,
    and grab the light. (i also know very
    little about the subject. better stop.)
    light, etc.

    oh, i just read the tulsa gentleman's
    comment about our well loved amish
    community! we probably know each
    other. :)

  6. Lea, today's cameras and digital editing software certainly help us all to be photographers. But you are so right the difference is in the seeing, the light and getting the balance of all the things that make a photograph just right.

    I was as a photographic exhibition recently and saw a quote from a news photographer which said "Now everyone is a photographer we just have to be better"

  7. How interesting! I hope someone take good care of these.


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