Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nice country

Here's another shot of the country around here before moving on to Junee ... I like granite boulders and gum trees with blue-grey leaves.

Of course I will also be keeping an eye out for other things I like ... abandoned farm houses ... no point in looking for Royal Hotels because we went along these roads at Christmas time so I've got them all already.


  1. and ... and ... and ... lichen

    This is a gorgeous composition. Not so much Australian as Newsouthwelsh ... how does one encapsulate that as an adjective ... you know what I mean anyway.

    Compare this landscape with what I am showing in the Kimberleys. Just a smidge different, yes?

  2. Yes more than a smidge different. What wonderful diversity of landscape we have. And the more I look the more I see. That's why for example that I keep posting pictures of the forest trees ... they vary so much and I didn't used to notice this much.

  3. I like all the granite tors that appear in and around the Great Dividing Range. Gives the landscape an element of wildness.

  4. I like boulders too and here is the reason why. Lovely spot!