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We are going on to the war cemetery next but first let me show you what I saw over the road from the POW camp -- a special treat for international readers who find our birdlife exotic. Take a closer look at those pinkish dots.

Click here to see what Galahs look like close up.


  1. Wow! What a massive flock. Just think of the destruction they will leave in their wake.

    I wonder the derivation of our use of the word 'galah'?

  2. That's an awesome flock of galahs! I'm sure they made some noise too.

  3. It looks like a cloud of Galahs. I think it is an aboriginal word.

  4. WOW! You can easily imagine how much I enjoy this post! :-) Fantastic!

  5. I've just looked it up. Yes it is an aboriginal word.

    JM, yes I can image your interest in this shot. Your wildlife photos are spectacular. For this one I had to hang around for quite a while. When we arrived they were flying so I knew there was a great shot in it but they settled down to feeding after that and would not budge. And they were quite a distance away on the other side of a barbed wire fence so I could not go in a spook them. So I just had to wait. Fortunately there was a pretty interesting recording about the POW camp being played on the speakers at the fake watch tower so I had something to listen to while I waited.

  6. Like scenes from a Hitchcock movie!

  7. That's a huge flock! Lovely colors too.

  8. :-) - and we are so "proud" of our Alexandrine and Rose-ringed Parakeets --- perhaps 10 in a flock :-) ... and 3 to 4 flocks at all.

    Yes, the photo is awesome and while the European says : Wow, how nice, how beautiful and thinks: I would like to have these birds around here, too the Australian thinks about their destructive powers, ;-)

  9. So beautiful! They remind me of African Gray parrots. Thank you for finding beauty in your everyday surroundings and sharing it with those of us not in those surroundings!


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