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What fascinated me about these dwellings outside Cowra was not so much their very sorry state of decay but the fact that they were earth houses going back from whence they came. While mud brick houses are quite in vogue today I was not aware of earth houses having much traction here in the past. Then again my knowledge of our built history is very poor.


  1. But you know of the wattle'n'daub hut, yes?

    This is a terrific thing to see. Such magnificent decay. Puts into clear sight 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust. From the earth you came, so to the earth you return'

    Not sure I should have used quotes for the above as it is just my version, but you know what I mean.

  2. Those early settlers sure made good use of local resources.

  3. Julie, I guess I do know about Wattle'n'daub but I don't think you see them around much ... have they gone back to the earth?

    But these can't be early dwellings. They have chicken wire as their lattice and according to wikipedia chicken wire was invented after 1947.

    I'm hoping Jose the Wandering Padre might read this post and tell me the real facts .. he knows about such things.

  4. Abandoned, worn-out buildings are so beautiful...

  5. The different shades of browns and greys are awesome! It looks like an adobe building on top, right?

  6. Interesting shots and a puzzle indeed as to when they were constructed.

  7. Yes, I was going to ask "who built them?" "When were they built?" ... the first one reminds me of a termite mound - very ... non-human?

  8. JM, Adobe-like but adobe buildings are not at all traditional in Australia.

  9. Even more abandoned than your usual abandoned buildings!


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