Monday, February 1, 2010

Waiting for sunset

We'd been told the road was impassible when wet (so hoped for dry weather) would be terribly rough (it wasn't), not suitable for a caravan (it was) and that we should stay for sunset (so hoped for clouds) and dawn was great too (mmm ... I don't like dawn). Fearing a nasty drive over corrigated dirt track after dark we decided to leave the van at Mildura and stay over at Mungo Lodge ... very pleasant and it needed to be at 5 star inner city prices!!

But oh it was lovely to find respite from the heat and have a nice dinner before heading off into the sunset. Let's see tomorrow whether it was worth the price.


  1. That first shot is the epitome of "laid-back"! Good concept.

    The winding road is a ripper of an image. So so inviting ... heat and all.

    Okay, all questions answered. No not quite. Where does that road go? You left the van at Mildura. Quick check of the map ... okay ...big loop ... oops there is a Burke'n'Wills dead end in there!

    Yes, yes. Be patient, Julie. Ggrrrr ...

  2. Julie, the other part of your question was whether there were guided tours ... yes there appeared to be a plethora of day trips on offer from Mildura.

    Yes, be patient, there are a couple more days of photos at Mungo to go.

  3. I came back to look at that foot. Letty had hers encased in a jogger which I thought unusual in summer but maybe there are snakes in Ararat.

    You have a thong on! How can you possibly cope with wearing thongs. Doesn't the chaffing between the toes send you round the bend? Does me ...

  4. I don't have a problem with thongs chaffing, but that said I don't wear them very often either. I have them in the van to slip on when I go over to the camp showers ... they are easier to handle than other shoes.

  5. This is one of your finest travelogues, JE. You and the camera love the light, it's a great collaboration.