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Taking stock at Woodstock

We took one last detour into the tiny town of Woodstock. I loved this little place which encapsulates everything I found so endearing in the dozens of small towns we have passed through on this trip.

A bank with residence atop and a sturdy brick Post Office.

Shops, some empty and some going strong.

Remnant signage from bygone times

Impressive buildings that have seen better days

One for the men and one for the ladies, a soldiers memorial and a CWA (Country Womens Association),

An Anglican church with a bell and Catholics up the street as well.

A railway station with a level crossing.

But best of all a Royal Hotel.


  1. Unfair ... not on yer map! The only one I can find is in from Ullabloodydulla ... and this looks more out west.

    I agree ... gorgeous.

    What happpened to the upstairs verandah of the pub, I wonder?

  2. Because I have been quite pathetic at keeping the map up to date I have gone out and removed all the markers and put one at Woodstock ... just for you! You can zoom the map in to see more detail. You can see we are now getting close to home.

    It looked like they were going to repair the upstairs verandah.

    The town is off the road and we have probably driven by it quite a few times. The only thing that made us do the detour was a roughtly made sign of the main highway advertising good food at the Royal Hotel.

  3. I am wondering how it would be to stay at this Royal Hotel ... all these small towns you showed us on this trip are so different from everything I know ... thank you!

  4. Gorgeous photographs, I love the painted fading signs.

  5. Oh how WONDERFUL.
    What a perfect little town.
    Love all those faded buildings.
    I want to move there.

  6. I'm starting to recognize the architecture. Those second story verandas must be a necessity? Fewer insects, more of a breeze?

  7. Paula, the majority of Australian homes are what the British call bungalows ... single story dwellings. In Queensland they are single story but on 'stilts' to provide greater air movement in the tropical climate (I might be travelling up that way later in the year and will aim to show you the very distinct difference in architecture). Verandahs feature strongly in older homes ... whether single or multi-story.


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