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Sun goes down

That wasn't bad I think as we pack up and head back along the track to the lodge. I stopped to have a little play with the camera as the sun drops behind the horizon.


  1. *Gulp*

    Play with the camera. I would have taken shots on varying exposures here to gradually squeeze out the light and see the effect. They are both stunning landscapes, the second just more gaudy (not Gaudi, gaudy although the effect of each word is similar!).

    The first one reminds me very mich of the pastel beauty of the painted desert just over the NT border from SA.

  2. Lovely shot of the Wall. I love desert colours at sunset. Very surreal.

  3. Beautiful shots and beautiful blog. Congratulations.
    Greetings from Spain.

  4. Fantastic shot of the sunset...kind of touches you..right there.

  5. Gorgeous shots of the sunset. Such a peaceful piece of wilderness that makes me have this sudden urge to go camping.

  6. Oh that's an absolute bewdie!
    Love the sticky silhouettes against the orange sky.

  7. Hi all, it was surreal an amazing experience. I want to go camping again too!

    Julie, I didn't know there was a painted desert in Australia, I've seen the one over near the Grand Canyon USA.

    I don't play with exposures while taking photos (too technical for me) but I shoot raw which gives me some leverage to alter exposure when I get home, but for the most part I am happy enough with those the camera chooses.

  8. Nice shots. I really like the glane and the silhouettes in the last one.

  9. Our version of sunset on the water. It's astonishing what light will do when it thinks it's losing it's grip. This is on my desktop. Stellar.


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