Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something different

We were coming back into the vineyard country but here was a different crop ... the sign said cricket bat willows. Cricket is a particularly British sport which is very popular as a summer sport in Australia but I'm not a fan. I'd rather do lunch ... which was very welcome for a cool spot to rest when we reached Swan Hill.


  1. That lunch looks particularly satisfying. Summertime foods (it is summer there, right?) always hits the spot.

  2. I think of cricket as a poor substitute for baseball. If you are British you see it the other way around. There is no argument about your lunch, it looks terrific.

  3. I had the most delicious iced coffee that I could imagine the other day in a little "portable" stand out the front of St James opposite Hyde Park Barracks. The coffee used was Toby Estate which I favour anyways. I am a devotee now and will head that way every chance I get.

    Those willows will need to do a bit of sideways growing to give birth to a cricket bat!

  4. G, yes it's summer.

    Bill, I don't follow either sport but if I had to choose one I'm sure it would be baseball.

    Julie, I like that part of the city. I can't stand the taste of coffee, hot or cold, you will note that my drink is chocolate.

    I agree the willows are bit skinny at the moment.

  5. Now are this willows that look like cricket bats or willows that make cricket bats?

    All this cricket and baseball stuff is totally exotic ;-).

  6. The baguette in the foreground made my mouth water! I have to go and eat something now! :-)