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Our next stop was Echuca another old river port and home of the riverboats and houseboats today, together with it's wonderful old wharf and a busy historic precinct.

While we were there some rain came through. What a relief. The previous day it was 41C at 7.30pm and the overnight minimum 30C so the day was off to a hot start.


  1. Boating down a river is an adventure. What lies around the next bend is always a mystery

  2. I love the old paddle steamers. There aren't many (perhaps any) around Sydney anymore.

  3. Winam, there is the Nepean Belle at Penrith that I know of.

    Bill, I have not done a lot of river cruising. Come to think of it maybe I should go for a trip on the Nepean Belle one day as a Wayfaring trip!

  4. I love pictures of ports and boats - your photo of the riverboat is particularly charming.

  5. How nice must it be going up or down the river in such a hot day! I would do it if I was there, the river banks look wonderful!

  6. If you do the Nepean Belle, give me a hoy. I would love to come along!

    Can you remember yonks ago a television show about paddle boats on the Murray with John whatshisface and that woman in SeaChange. I loved that show ...

  7. Julie, yes I remember it "All the Rivers Run" with Sigrid Thorton and John Waters.

    Will do re the Nepean Belle. I just checked it is called a paddlewheeler which I assume means it doesn't run on steam but will be a pleasant trip nonetheless. You do however realise it runs on THAT river.

  8. Oh golly ... forgot about that in my excitement!!

  9. It is great following you around out of the way Australia. Clunking old paddle boats, mile wide high streets with wooden verandahs -- I would never have been able to imagine what these places would be like.


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