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Perry Sand-Dunes

I heard of the red sand-dunes just outside Wentworth so went along to see how I would go with iconic Australian desert-style photos.


  1. This is the colour I thought Mungo would be.
    I've never heard of the Perry sand dunes.
    Are those ever-lasting daisies?
    How come they will grow there, but not in my garden?

    Are the sand dunes big enough to ride a cardboard carton down?

  2. Letty, it's the colour I expected in Mungo too and I had never heard of these Dunes either until I read the 'must see' items around Wentworth .... apparently a number of movies have used them instead of going into the real interior.

    Yep, they are big enough for slip-sliding away, though I guess it depends on how big you want the slope to be.

    As for those daisies, yes they are everlasting daisies of some variety. They were growing at Mungo too. Obviously your garden is too well cared for, the environment is not harsh enough for them to thrive.

  3. I love the dunes, especially the first picture. Stunning.

  4. Wow! These are gorgeous! Love the orange sand!

  5. Hm, I think I have seen some of your very best photos in the last days ... they are getting better day after day (not that they were not good in the beginning .. argh, you know what I want to say, don't you? :-)). The compositions and selections of perspective are intriguing!

  6. Red-orange sand and shrubby Eucalyptus. What could you grow here? What would thrive? Rough terrain to make into a homestead.

  7. Martina, yes I do understand and thanks so much for the kind comment. Unfortunately they go downhill again from here and dwindle back to holiday snaps but I hope the story line is enough to hold them together until the end of the trip.

    Bill, actually this is a rather isolated lot of sand dunes in the type of scrawny country I've been showing in this area. I think in the centre of Australia sand dune country is much more extensive but I've never been there ... maybe the next big trip, but not in summer.

    Kristin, I love the first shot too ... had it on my desktop for a week or two ... looks even better bigger.

    JM, I'd love to go out into the real big wide dune country and give that a go. It gets even redder out there.

  8. Gorgeous pictures - the red sand is absolutely beautiful.

  9. lovely line, shape and colours.


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