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New trip, new old house

Whew, that last trip was a marathon journey! Thank you all for staying the course, it was great to read your comments and have some good discussions on the way.

You'll be pleased to know this is just a day trip and in fact covers some of the same ground as last year but with the change of seasons and good rains it's a different world out there now. We are on our way to see what is at Hargraves near Hill End. Despite several trips into the old gold fields west of the mountains we seemed to have always missed Hargraves so the plan was to get there by some back roads that we haven't travelled before ... I've done a map for you and changed the blog banner to match.

On every back road you are sure to find an abandoned house of two, so here is the first of them. I found this one quite poignant because the sunlight was falling on pressed metal wall cladding and made me realise, perhaps more than others, that a proud housewife and family once lived in that little home.


  1. I like the bricks keeping the CI in place. This one certainly is ramshackle. The signs of individual humans stop me in my tracks each and every time. To be able to relate an old photograph to the actual building one stands in ... brrrr ... send shivers down my spine.

    I love this sense of continuity.

  2. Pretty soon I'll be showing some "broke down palaces" like these that I photographed on my roadtrip. It's sad to see but I have to think that maybe they were glad to go as well. I guess we'll never know.


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