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Birds and Fish

And while we are on collections here are some of the birds spotted on the trip. I had thought that at Swan Hill we might find swans but the place where they said they swim was a salt pan. I also wanted a shot of the wedge-tailed eagles but by the time the car had stopped they had soared too high.

The fish is the Big Murray Cod at Swan Hill. Australians have an odd obsession with creating big things as tourist attractions but I think this was the only one I saw on the tour (other than a few close to home).


  1. He's not too bad as big things go.
    Have you seen the sad old Ayers Rock by one of the Leylands?
    Or the big Potato at Robertson?
    I think it is my favourite - so very, very lame.

  2. You found lots of birds. None of them look familiar to me. Many are unique to Australia I imagine.

  3. Letty, I agree it is an attractive enough big thing ... and yes I have seen the big Potato ... what a giggle.

    Bill, the parrots are certainly unique to Australia. Not sure about the swamp hen and her chick.

  4. Not too bad to get a WTE even at that height. Such impressive wing tips. Down on the bit that goes off Gippsland and then onto Phillip Island ... yes? ... there is a giant worm. But on its side ... that is lame too. Well not lame ... as in unable to walk as it did not have legs to start with!! Duh .. better stop!

  5. What are the green headed parrots?

    I saw a flock of Major Mitchells in CP last weekend when I shot the Good Vibrations tents.

  6. The green headed parrots are the ones that have stumped me before. At the time Letty suggested that they might be Red Rumped parrots. A lady on the trip called the grass parrots.

    A giant worm sound quite disgusting, both in real life (I've seen them on TV)and in 'big' form. In fact a 'big' giant worm probably looks much the same as the big potato only longer.

    I've never seen Major Mitchells in the city, I've only seen them a few times here in the mountains.

  7. Americans have the same obsession with huge replicas which wouldn't be so bad if they were well done like this one.

    What an array of birds, they look extremely exotic to me.

  8. Now I am not sure if they are MMs. I will put them up on Dolwendee and we can work it out.

    "Grass" parrot sounds just like the way a country person would identify a bird!!

    The big worm was just a massive slither! We just kept driving ... how can anyone think these things are drawcards.

  9. I think the big things have become a giant joke that people are enjoying just for their crassness.

  10. Fantastic bird post and what a surprise at the end! :-)


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