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Here we go ... just what you would expect Kangaroos, Emus and other birds. There are lizards and snakes too but I didn't see any. And feral animals ...

This was once a shepherd's hut, undermined by rabbits (sorry Paula a non-native pest in Australia) and eaten by termites.

And what about this, it's a trap to catch feral goats (sorry Martina these are a non-native pest too). They are attracted to the water. Throughout the park there are various waterholes, called tanks, a legacy from the park's pastoral history. Even so, water was hard to find, apparently only 2 wells out of 300-400 sunk were good.


  1. It seems so bedraggled and sad ...

  2. I'm not sure sad is the right word ... as Sean described it yesterday ... harsh ... it is harsh, haunting and somewhat incomprehensible to we who don't come from this type of country.

  3. I need to see it. I was haunted by my trip through the Red Centre, being brought to tears and to silence often.

  4. I really enjoy the animal shots, but my favourite photo is the last one. Love the composition!

  5. 2 out of 300??
    I would have given up after digging the first 5!

  6. JM, there are just so many photo opportunities out there it's hard to know when to stop. I agree, the bottom shot is lovely it just didn't push the story along so didn't get top billing.

    Letty, I agree but if you are thirsty or more particularly have a lot of thirsty sheep I guess you keep on going ... they should have got a water diviner out there ... his record couldn't have been worse!

  7. Feral goats? Really? Humpf.


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