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Have you noticed that I have been referring to this trip as the River Run? That's because we are going into the area of Australia's great inland rivers.

Well this isn't a river but is an irrigation channel fed from the Murrumbidgee River. We are entering country where channels like this criss-cross the land. Australia's water systems are in trouble because of the extended drought so I am sure there is going to be some discussion on water usage over the next few days ... like why is the water in ditches where apparently up to 80% of the water volume is lost through evaporation and water seepage?

But first let's see what a difference a little water can make. I will show you that tomorrow.


  1. Even just twenty years ago, here in Australia, water was an undervalued resource, undervalued by the urban majority. It was a right: "I paid my rates. I get water." And woe-betide any restauranteur who dared charge for the bloomin' stuff.

    It is a totally different scene today. Now there is extensive litigation over who owns what rights and who has the ability to on-sell and can the government "resume" a bought allocation.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous. However, it has bought water to the fore as a resource, indeed, a precious resource.

    80% eh?

  2. Yes 80% wastage, I knew it would be big but was shocked to discover how big.

    I was also surprised to see how extensive the network of channels is, all of them brimming with water ... these irrigation schemes provide amazing quantities of water.

  3. Isn't it an amazing statistic?
    I remember being shocked when I recently heard that number too.
    Round these parts open channels are being replaced by pipes (it's a really big deal).
    Already, even before all the stages are complete, we are noticing a difference in local lakes.
    You can read here:

  4. Hi Letty, when we get out to Mildura I make mention of the great work being done in the Wimmera-Mallee to replace the ditches with pipes ... a costly but important exercise.


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