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The Round Trip

After the 100km to get there in the first place, there is a 70km round trip through the National Park. There is no food or fuel available so before setting out we had a full tank of fuel, our picnic lunch and emergency supplies of water on hand. It was getting jolly hot by lunch time and those stringy trees don't offer much shade but they do harbour birdlife. Some more park wildlife tomorrow.

An update, to show what the leaves on the trees are like close up.


  1. Are the trees dead?
    They don't seem to have any leaves.
    (had to go back and have another look
    at the previous couple of posts - just love looking at those photos)

  2. It is like a different world, Joan. I would love to journey out that way, but would rather cope with the freezing nights of winter than the burning days of summer. I am off to check the listing in the latest Open Road!

  3. Found one ... "Outback Spirit" on p.8 of the latest Open Road. Starts Sydney, then along Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, Flinders Range, Broken Hill, Lake Mungo, Mildura, Wagga then home. This takes 15 days which I think is about how long you are taking for half the distance. Depth vs distance???

    28 people, $5K departs Feb, March, April.

    Shall mull on't ...

  4. Beautiful photography and landscapes. Very harsh....

  5. Letty, no the trees were not dead. In fact that is the very question I asked myself when I was taking this photo so I took a shot of the leaves ... I will see if I can dig it out and will post as an update to the post ... As for going back to look at the photos, I do too, the landscape is mesmerising.

    Julie, our trip was 10 days, including a full lay day in Swan Hill. So the itinerary you outline is certainly doable but lots of driving ... but what wonderful territory it covers.

    Sean, yes it is a harsh but beautiful landscape. Julie, I'd also prefer a winter trip but as a freelancer the work drops off over Christmas and is flat chat mid-year ... so if I'm to make a living I put up with the heat.

  6. oh yeah they do have leaves.
    they look kinda grey - bit like olive tree leaves.

  7. And this bird is a ... ?

    I agree with freefalling - reminds me of olive trees, too.


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