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Japanese Garden Cowra

Last year I explained about the Japanese POW camp in Cowra but as we passed through on Christmas Day I could not show the Japanese Garden.
Having braved blistering 41C heat to get these shots I'm not going to stop at one image of this beautiful garden so there are more below. In case you are wondering, clipping all those smooth shapes keeps three gardeners busy.


  1. Japanese gardens are an astonishing thing - on one hand I do not think I would like my backyard to be one but on the other hand they are so soothing to the eye and the mind, really wonderful.

  2. I love Japanese gardens. Saw my fair share on my trip to Japan, but this one looks very well done.

    Did you see the Poetry Slam program on ABC, Joan? It was in Cowra last week. Very touching it was too.

  3. Oh - I've been there!
    I remember the Koi with the see-through heads - you could see their brains.

  4. stunning photos!

    just in case you are interested, while you are burning up 'down there', we are freezing up here!! :)

  5. Martina, I love Japanese gardens too but prefer the ones that are on a smaller scale.

    Winam, yes I saw the poetry slam, a good show, made all the more interesting from having been there recently.

    Letty, saw the koi but not the brains!

    Lea, I am glad to say it never gets as freezing here as it does in the northern hemisphere.

  6. A gorgeous collection of images, Joan. I am of the mind that a collection of detail serves to convey more information that a full landscape. I would like to go out that way when the hot air balloons go up. Must check out when that is. Canowindra if I recall correctly.

  7. How lovely it is, especially the Zen garden. I can't imagine what it takes to keep is perfectly clean and the lines just so. I've tried doing it with sand and a small bamboo rake. Very difficult.

  8. These are so beautiful both first image and collage! The 'dwarf pine trees'(?) behind the little pagoda are amazing!

  9. Japanese gardens are beautiful. This collage captures the beauty perfectly


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