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Green fields again

Soon we were gliding through the green fields again. As the day began to dim a storm began to brew. It was going to be much cooler by the time we got home.

The reflections in the glass were a real pest for photography, hence the lack of shots from on the train despite lots of lovely scenery.


  1. Ah but I like this reflection because it adds to the complexity of the cloud layer and reinforces that you are actually in a train carriage.

    I love the horizontal layering in this photo including the shadow, the storm clouds AND the reflection.

  2. I agree the reflection in this one works ... thus making it into the series ... but seats, oneself etc obliterating the view are quite another matter.

  3. It absolutely works, JE. I take tons of photos and only get one or two that are worth anything but I can understand your frustration. At first I thought this was a painting.

  4. I am with the other two - it really works and gives everything a deeper and more surreal layer. I am trying to spot you in the reflection ;-)
    I like the colouring very much.

  5. Here the glass has added to the shot. It makes it look like a painting.

  6. stunning area to take pictures...what a mood this one creates


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