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Empty house

Here we go, the empty house for this trip. I trudged through ripening grass seeds and burrs to get this shot .... yes spring is quickly passing giving a high-noon summery bleach to the image.


  1. It is a bit like Spring was "wafted" over our country rather than having a season.

    I love this house. It is so easy to see the two halves of the 20thC in the construction style.

    Once again, I am surprised that noone has run off with the tank ...

  2. Yes, I after the sheep shearing shed I was looking forward to seeing the empty house.
    The hard sunny colour and light is amazing to my eyes.

  3. This housed a family? It looks a bit small.

  4. AB, I checked other shots I took and at the back there is a brick scillion as big as the main house and on that a further wooden scillion. And there is the wooden addition near the tank that Julie noticed ... I think the house grew as the family grew.

    Martina, yes Australian light is hard and clear, but here in the mountains we also get softer light a lot of the time (that is part of the attraction of the place).

  5. A beautiful photo, JE, and the corrugated iron roof is a boon for me. It really makes me wonder about the people who lived there. Did you go inside?

  6. Paula, no I didn't go inside, I always stay on my side of the fence. Like many of the empty dwellings I have photographed there was a living house a little further up the hill.


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