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Bee hives

The bee keepers had their hives out collecting the bounty from spring flowers.

AB in Germany posted some beehives recently so I was pleased to find the Australian version to show. Given the interest in vineyard differences yesterday bees are just as much fun. Also check out Z's Bee Hotel in Switzerland.


  1. So you like to paint hives in bright colors in Australia?
    We're losing all our bees here, I hope that's not happening in your corner.

  2. By the way, the Z Bee link isn't working for me.

  3. JM, Not all of the hives are colourful like this, many are just white.

    Paula, I had heard of the loss of bees in the USA. As far as I know it isn't happening here. The Z link works for me but when I use my Apple Mac it's slow to load.

  4. I was going to comment that the Ozzie versions had a more adventurous colour scheme. Then I read that most of them are white!

  5. Hm, yes, there is not much difference to the European bee hives.
    Lately I have seen some factory made molded plastic hives - since they looked to me like portable toilets I didn't take a picture.

  6. I got the link to work today. It looks like something we have in our yard, it's called a mason bee house but the last couple of years it's been mostly vacant.

  7. Wow ... beehives that look like portable toilets and mason bee houses! This has turned out even more interesting than the vineyard differences.

  8. Perhaps I should add that these were portable bee hives, ;-) -- I am living in an area that is big in fruit growing (besides wine and asparagus) and the farmers rent the bees and they are travelling in their hives from orchard to orchard - but why this beehives have to be the same colour as the toilets, I don't know. Perhaps they are a by-product ... ;-)

  9. I was just telling my husband about the interesting bee comments and he told me we are exporting bees to America to help out with the bee problems over there. I found this newspaper article exporting bees to america about it. That's quite a journey for a portable bee hive.

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