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Wrap up

We wrapped up a thoroughly enjoyable day with afternoon tea before heading home.

That's it for this trip. Time to see what's happening over at Blue Mountains Journal. Then in a few days we'll be back here for a visit to the beach.


  1. Ooo is that lemon pie? I love the way they set out food. Can't come within a bull's roar of that myself ... and always leave a mess. But that is what food is all about!

  2. Very pretty with the decorative strawberry. Well worth a photo. I hope it tasted good, too.

  3. Yes lemon pie but my husband's choice so I don't know how good it was. I'm with you Julie, I can't make my servings come out like thatn(even when I have a strawberry AB) ... hence my interest in photographing them, they are like some sort of mysterious wonder to me.

  4. My favourite.
    You're off to the coast now!
    You go on lots of adventures.
    Are you camping?

  5. We have an A-van camper which is a step above camping but not quite a caravan.

    As for getting out and about, the man who sold us the A-van said not to let it be a "garden gnome" we are taking his advice.

  6. That pie looks delicious--and is making me a bit hungry :)

  7. Love the food porn :P But food styling is certainly an art.


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