Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sea farms

My eyes kept straying to the farmland which runs right down to the water's edge. The grass at the coast is so intensely green. But for the most part I pushed myself to stay out of my comfort zone and keep those sea pictures rolling.

The coral trees seem to be a popular tree for marking boundary fences in the farmland.


  1. It is immensely different from over your ridge to the west, I agree. I expect to see pudgy Aberdeen Angus scattered on hillsides. Is this down near Berry? Lovely little joint ...

  2. Mmmm looks like my advance posting has gone astray and I have posted two today.

    This is dairy territory so Freesians ... I am saving up shots of both Berry and Freesians from my trip away last weekend but that will be after a break over at BMJ.

    Oh yes and this photo is closer to Kiama than Berry but there is only 20K or so between the two towns.