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Sea creatures 2 of 3

I greatly admire Sean's An Instant in Time candid portraits and how they tell a story. So perhaps you can make up your own story for this lady.


  1. Facing the elements and all points overseas, she dips into the travel section of the Weekend Australian for inspiration. How to take charge of her life? How to turn the humdrum around? Oh for the return of vibrancy ... Swirling grains of sand bite into her neck, as the excess flesh anchors her even more firmly to the beach. Her foot-print on terra firma must be reassessed, she thinks. Too many things: lighten the load. A vigorous dash along the tide-line would begin the reassessment, remove the skivvy from the torso, the blinkers from the eyes and the straight-jacket from the mind.

    Her time starts now.

  2. oooo ... and all I saw was a mum on sentry duty ... clearly I lack imagination!

  3. Thank you for the mention Joan. I enjoy your comments and look forward to them. You always give me motivation even if you dont like pale portraits:))) :) I am sort of with Julie on this one. It looks windy and I imagine that it is not as pleasant as she anticipated when she decided to go out there leaving me to think that she has purpose in being there. Like she wanted to get away from something. Is determined to relax today... and if there is a hurricane it wouldnt matter. She will relax, she will make it work and she will read that paper if it is the last thing she does. Ironic since it is probably quite stressful trying so hard to relax and be there...

  4. This looks like Seven Mile Beach... So...

    The afternoon is a blowy one, but that doesn't stop her from going down to the beach. She grabs her thongs, beach towel, and the weekend paper, cramming them all in one of those rubber pail/bag things, so very useful.

    She walks down the road and the stairs to the beach, expansive and exhilarating in the wind. See lays her towel, and sits to peruse the paper. But the lure of the sea compels her to periodically look up to contemplate its colour, deep blue in the slanting afternoon sun; soothing, cleansing, liberating.

  5. I think she is just waiting there for the perfect wave. When she sees it she will peel off her clothes, revealing her wet suit underneath and storm the waters with a foldable surf board she is carrying in her bag.

  6. Her flipflops are matching her bag are matching her towel - she is reading Vogue or something like that. Wetsuits are not très chic! They seldom come in "what colour is this in English? I don't even know how I would describe it in German".

  7. Thanks everyone .... you certainly gave her in interesting life.


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