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When driving west of the mountains we frequently see the flash of these green parrots. I have been hoping to get a shot of them for some time and this is the first time I saw a flock that I could sneak up on. I didn't get very close before they took off in flight so it's not a great picture. I don't know what type they are, we certainly don't see them in the mountains.


  1. I think the picture works well with this crop. For a European blog visitor these look quite exotic.

  2. Ha, we got parrots too --- they are beautiful when flying - like green blazing strikes against the sky. Usually they live in flocks of 10 to 15.
    Okay I think the German variety is parakeet, but quite huge.

  3. They must be quite a sight, they're certainly exotic to my eye. I like the photo, I can just imagine all the work that went into it.

  4. AB, even though I see parrots often they still seem exotic to me too.

    Martina, yes these are the size of a parakeet or rosella (which are types of parrots) and are probably one of those. Interesting that you have them too.

    PJ, welcome back!!!

    I'm off wayfaring this weekend but will be visiting everyone's blogs on my return.

  5. I reckon they might be red-rumped parrots.

  6. That's a strange thing with the German parakeets - they only have two habitats and seem not to move (so AB won't see them in Saarbr├╝cken). Around where I live we have a population of around 1300 "Rose-Ringed Parakeets" and several hundreds "Alexandrine Parakeets".

  7. Lettie, I think you might be right though I have not noticed the red at all.

    Martina, it was fascinating to look up images of your parakeets. There is something distinctly 'other country' about them ... the shape of the beak and head are quite unlike Australian parrots. I really like the little snippets of life in Germany I get through this blog.

  8. Beautiful composition and birds too!


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