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Old Beauty

I found this old beauty a little further along the track.


  1. You allways discover such forgotten beauties! This just doesn't happen in a small country like mine...

  2. I have a hunch these would be greatER in black and white :)

  3. JM, the trouble is you have so many other old things about you that a truck like this would seem too young to notice. But you've also got to get out of the cities to see such things. Perhaps it's time you took that trip to show me the bits the look like Australia.

    Sean, you might be right. I am only now beginning to explore B&W and people! I will likely replace my garden blog with something in B&W once it has cycled through its year. (You and Martina are an inspiration to me on that front). For the moment however, I have a colour blog.

  4. Beautiful rust. And yet again, more beautiful brown tones.

  5. J.E., I have crossed the Alentejo several times going to the south, but allways taking the boring highways... I'll try to take secondary roads next time to be able to show you how that part of the country looks like some of the photos you've posted. :-)

  6. Ahhhhhhhh ....

    When I was young and lived on a farm my brothers and I took many a flight of fancy on vehicles in this condition ...

    Ahhhhhh ...

  7. Rust, brown colours, vehicle, metal - what more could one wish in a photo?

    Regarding inspiration the tribute goes to Sean and Julie for me, I never tried portraits or street photos of strangers before - and I only dare to in a big city, ;-), where nobody seems to care that much.


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