Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No shooting

Ooops ... am I breaking the rules again?


  1. That might depend on what ammumnition you use.

  2. Hm, I do not understand this at all: who writes this in white paint on some rocks? He? Now this is quite exotic for my European mind ...

  3. Martina, actually the rules on the official sign were "No stopping, no passing, no shooting". So the sign writer was just mirroring the thoughts of the "management".

    Country lads like to go out at night in trucks mounted with spotlights and shoot kangaroos, foxes and rabbits. Given that there are camp sites all along this river that would be extremely dangerous.

    Australia has very strict gun laws so in general it is only farmers and the like that have them. Other than in the rural areas there is not a culture of gun ownership at all. No shooting signs only ever appear in rural areas.

  4. Hm, but couldn't they have done a nice graffitti instead?
    And I read "No sooting" which doesn't make any sense at all, ;-)

    In Germany the gun laws are even more restrictive I suppose - so there are no opportunities for "No shooting" signs.