Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I stopped to take a picture of the shearing shed (below) but thought this pile at the gate was just so typical I decided to feature it instead.

From Outback by Henry Lawson
"The old year went, and the new returned, in the withering weeks of drought;
The cheque was spent that the shearer earned, and the sheds were all cut out;
The publican's words were short and few, and the publican's looks were black-
And the time had come, as the shearer knew, to carry his swag Out Back.

For time means tucker, and tramp you must, where the scrubs and plains are wide,
With seldom a track that a man can trust, or a mountain peak to guide;
All day long in the dust and heat- when summer is on the track-
With stinted stomachs and blistered feet, they carry their swags Out Back"


  1. I like the Henry Lawson poem you quoted. And your photo certainly illustrates it. All you need is a photo of a shearer!

  2. The pastel tones are fantastic, I don't know which one I prefer. Glad you posted both.

  3. To me the first one appeals most - the composition is almost perfect.