Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Red hot pokers

I loved this shed with its clump of red hot poker plants.


  1. When we moved from the farm into the township at the end of 1962, we moved into a shed of about this size with earthern floor and rusty sheets of corrugated iron for outer walls and ceiling. The inner partitions were wardrobes and sliced open potato sacks.

    Don't recall having a photo that I could scan ...

    Nice shed ... and a lovely stand of RHPs ... always think they will attract slugs for some reason.

    Found a lovely bunch of mouldy old leaves of an agapanthus clump on campus today. Will try to remember to take a photo tomorrow ...

  2. Lovely composition and great colours too.

  3. I love the corrugated tin building. The red hot pokers against that green, you can't plan that. It's wonderful.

  4. Absolutely beautiful.
    Love, love, love this photo.