Sunday, February 1, 2009

My homing thoughts will fly

Ahhhh ..... home again. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

We liked some the small towns out in the west so much we have already made a return visit. I will begin posting those from tomorrow.


  1. Don't stop, we are off ourselves later this week, but the last thing I need at the moment is another blog!

    Liked 'em all.

    I wonder how far south we'll get?

  2. I adored the tour. Such a lovely way to do it ... and such an understated sound-track.

    Is that trapped fog I can see?

    A friend and I determined on Christmas Day that we would try to get away somewhere new each season this year - just for a weekend. I must start to plan that or time will elude us.

  3. Yes, anything seems possible at this time of year! I'm detirmined to do more wayfaring.

  4. Sweet wayfaring...I feel like I've come home myself!