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A wilful, lavish land

Aren't our birds wonderful? This a Gang-gang cockatoo, spotted at Mount Hotham.

From Gang-gang Cockatoos by Peter Skrzynecki
"Calling to each other in soft creaky voices
through long shadows and out of sight --
the red heads and crests of feathery blossoms
carried along by waves of morning light."


  1. Your budgie shots are definitely winning! Love it!

  2. Budgie - smudgie!

    He is a bottler, JE. Don't listen to the hoi poloi in the bleachers!

    Is that a line from the poem: shall have to read the entire thing. This poem is a bit like the national anthem isn't it? We only know one small section.

  3. Julie, you will find the full poem here. This leads you to a whole volume of his poetry, you will have to scroll down or search to page 165. That's why I didn't put the link in the post.

  4. What a fabulous shot! I love cockatoos, especially the GangGang and Sulphur-crested.

    This one is so pretty!

  5. Wow! This one is fantastic! Australia has amazing endemic birds!


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