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Wayfaring by the sea

We've been wayfaring again at last and in gorgeous summer weather. The first week was given over entirely to rest at Shellharbour which about 100kms south of Sydney. We had a delightful spot right on the water, just the place for me to try to learn how to photograph the sea splashing on the rocks.

The trees are Norfolk Island pines, which are not native to Australia (they come from Norfolk Island) but appear just about everywhere at the beach.

I filled in time reading several books on Australian History while on holiday. In 1788 The Brutal Truth about the First Fleet by David Hill there is info about the first white settlement of Norfolk Island as well as Australia. "[Govenor] Phillip's instructions, signed by King George III, had explicitly called for early settlement of Norfolk Island [as well as Australia]... The British wanted to secure the island, which had been noted by Cook on his voyage eighteen years earlier, as part of the empire. It was believed it could produce a superior hemp or flax for sails and canvas -- both vital for the Royal Navy."
The flax turned out to be a dud but the trees weren't.


  1. My daughter is spending ten days with friends down at Culburra. Can't wait to see her photographs!

    Interesting about the Norfolk Pine. There is a "pine" over on Michelle's Christchurch blog that I am trying to identify. Love you to have your tuppence worth.

    I am trying to weave my way through Cochrane's "Colonial Ambition". I would like to read more during 2009 ...

  2. I checked out the conifer on the Christchurch blog ... I have no idea what it is.

    Colonial Ambition looks like a very long (though interesting) read.

  3. Norfolk pine is something I've seen only as houseplants, given the regions in which I've lived of late. Your post made me read up about it a little. :-)


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