Monday, January 19, 2009

Of ragged mountain ranges

Next we climbed higher to the ski resort of Mount Hotham (no snow at this time of year). Usually you can see mountains forever from this spot but it was a misty day.

When I take in this alpine landscape and the slow drive to get there, I have great respect for my ancestors ... they walked over these mountains to Omeo. It took them months with a family of young children in tow, and it would have been mightly chilly at times. For us it was a cool 10C on this misty summer morning.

From High Country by Tim Thorne
"After the climb, hard through the spine's country,
Where leatherwood and myrtle drip
Holes into the bent flesh,
After the droplets running off the tight skin
Around the vein-riddled gullies
Stretched on a hairpin bend ..."


  1. You can take Omeo out of the girl eh?

    I love it every time we do this trip, and your pics are bringing it back again!

  2. I have never done the trip up and over: I have been down both highways and ventured into Bright but that is more toward Melbourne. You are making it very enticing ...

    You have a most appealing site here, JE: both image and text are bound together so well by the layout.

    I followed the Thorne link whom I do not know. I like his feel. What do you think he means by "sags"?