Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love her far horizons

Now to prove just how different Christmas in Australia can be from the cold northern hemisphere when we wish -- we packed up camp on Christmas morning and kept on driving, choosing to stop for a lunch of cold meat and salads at a roadside rest area just outside the town of Young. This was our view.

It was hot and dry but a nice breeze sprung up to ease us through a lovely peaceful and memorable celebration.

From A Bush Christmas by C. J. Dennis
"Dad and the boys have nought to do,
Except a stray odd job or two.
Along the fence or in the yard,
"It ain't a day for workin' hard."
Says Dad. "One day a year don't matter much."
And then dishevelled, hot and red,
Mum, thro' the doorway puts her head
And says, "This Christmas cooking, My!
The sun's near fit for cooking by."
Upon her word she never did see such.

"Your fault," says Dad, "you know it is.
Plum puddin'! on a day like this,
And roasted turkeys! Spare me days,
I can't get over women's ways.
In climates such as this the thing's all wrong.
A bit of cold corned beef an' bread
Would do us very well instead."
Then Rogan said, "You're right; it's hot.
It makes a feller drink a lot."
And Dad gets up and says, "Well, come along."


  1. Typical. Instead of helping out, suggests what is probably left-overs. Men! ;~)
    It's a very funny poem and so true to life.

  2. I hate winter but having spent three Christmas in Africa and one in South America it seemed so weird... :-)))

  3. I love that sort of view through NSW. This is such a wonderful trip to accompany the two of you on. Taa ...