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The stained glass windows in yesterday's post are in St Matthew's Church in Windsor. The first time I saw this church I remember thinking that its lovely simplicity was exactly like a Francis Greenway building. It turns out, Francis Greenway a convict architect from the early days of the colony, was the architect of this building.

Photo: St Matthews Church, Windsor

This is a repost to participate in this week's taphophile tragics.  The original post was about the church but when looking back through past posts that suit the meme I realised the church also has a graveyard.


  1. A lovely church. It would be interesting to explore the markers there -- it looks like some old ones there.

  2. Beyond the Blue Mountains... could set a fellow to day dreaming, of eternity.

  3. A trip out to Windsor is definitely on my taphophile to do list. There seem to be several old cemeteries out there.

  4. A convict architect? That sounds like a movie waiting to be made. I like the variety of headstones in the church yard. Suggests people of varying income levels came to rest here.

  5. Oops ... sorry for being tardy!

    I am so glad you reposted this. I have photos of Windsor somewhere from a Historic Houses bus trip. Must move them into my cemeteries folder. Every couple of days I find a new set of images from yet another cemetery. Should keep me going for a while yet.

    Greenway was such an elegant architect, wasn't he. This church is a particularly fine example of his work.

    Thanks for participating. Keep digging back into those folders. Having followed you for a while now, I reckon you have zillions!


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