Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coonamble and Walgett

Coonamble and Walgett are two more out-of-the way places that I have wanted to visit or at least pass though.  We stopped for a bite to eat at Coonamble.  At the end of the street that is a Commercial Hotel which I think along with Railway Hotels would run as a close second in popular hotel names after the Royals.

We refuelled at Walgett.

By the way we are in truck country, even more so when on the Newell Highway.

And are now in much drier landscape, though green at present as their has clearly been recent rain.  It is getting an outback feel without being full-on outback.


  1. Coonamble has a lovely streetscape. Those grand old verandahed hotels are a joy to the eye. I am glad they are still in operation, although the scarcity of people in your photos is telling. I have never been as far north/west as Walgett.

    I can see the outback-feel in your landscape, which is amazingly green.

    1. The scarcity of people was because it was a Sunday. I have never been in these parts before either hence why I chose this track.

      I too was surprised at the green but they had quite recent rain throughout this area. Also we are not far west enough to be in the really arid country.