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Car door tours

Things look all quite normal until you embarked on one of the four car door tours and discover that just one turn off the main street there is no longer bitumen.  It is all higgledy piggledy dirt tracks (thank goodness there are car doors to guide us on our way) and piles of dirt everywhere.  Add to that ramshackle old shacks and rusty machinery of every kind and you have all I would expect from an opal town.


  1. Unique concept that: car door tours! Guess they have plenty of old wrecks! As much a blight on the landscape as coal-mining, I guess, albeit less extensive.

    1. I think I read somewhere that car doors were a tradition for marking the various properties. You would need something to tell on pile of dirt from another.

  2. These mining towns might not be pretty but they sure have character(s).

    1. Yes I wonder what it is that makes the characters. It's all so rough and ready.

    2. I think you have to be a 'character' to throw in your life and head out bush in search of treasure.


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