Saturday, August 2, 2014


We are walking up to the gallery and that is my hubby pointing out yet another empty car park nearer to the gallery than where we parked.


  1. Hah! I was in there today. Had my first ever lunch in their restaurant rather than their cafe. I thought it was a pretty hit and miss exhibition all round. My brain doesn't like the interleaving of the Archie/Sulman/Wynne. I have a one-track mind. There were some I liked a lot, but many I just walked past. One of the friends I went with kept tellingus which one she would have on her loungeroom wall. That did not help.

    1. We didn't do the Archibald ... too crowded for my taste.

  2. Replies
    1. No ... not with us. Ian makes a point of assuming there will be a nice close carpark and invariably finds one. On this occasion, because all the spots were taken on the downward run and it was Sunday afternoon and the Archibald Prize is showing at the gallery we decided to grab one of the first available parks on the upward run. I think he was feeling mad at himself for violating his normal rule.