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One last shot

Back home I remembered that I had not tried some of the other tricks of the new camera ... taking a panorama and art filters so here we are, a panorama of our sun room in sepia to give it a 1920s feel.  I notice the lens distorts things a little, because that long wall is actually straight.  In a landscape I guess the problem would be less obvious.

That's it for the New Eye tour.


  1. Your tour has been enjoyable. Looks as though you can do many things with your new camera.

  2. Enjoyed your tour very much. The panorama feature worked well :D)

  3. Having fun with new camera. Too much to learn for me. What a beautiful room.

    1. Thanks. It is like a tree house sitting in the canopy of the trees because the house is on a slope so two levels at the back even though it is on ground level at the front.

      This is a modern addition we put on 10 years ago so much more light that the original parts of the house. I was going to say more spacious as well but that is not correct because being a 100 year old home is has big rooms and high ceilings but this part of the home is open plan.

  4. Your sunroom looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book on a sunny winter's afternoon. (I imagine it gets quite hot in summer?)

    1. It is perfect for a winters morning (in fact most of the day because the room is north facing). And no it doesn't get very hot in summer because the sun is higher, the trees have all their leaf and we open the windows to get a cross breeze. And we actually get very few really hot days in the mountains anyway ... probably less than 5 days a year above 30C.


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