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Wellington Departed

As we were leaving Wellington the local cemetery caught my eye. All those graves watching the crops come and go year after year.

A contribution for tomorrow's Taphophile Tragics meme.


  1. Your commentary took the words out of my keyboard. Love the different layers, great shot!

    P.S. Really old olive trees have huge weird shaped trunks, they almost look prehistoric! There are plenty in gardens and parks as they became very fashionable a couple of decades ago. Don't ask me where they came from... :-)

  2. For some reason a view down into a village comes to mind when I see this view. It all looks so orderly and pleasant.

  3. ITs a very peaceful setting, would be nice to go up that mountain and view the cemetery from there....

  4. Like a small village overlooking the farmland.

  5. In the midst of so much farmland and yet the graves seem to be so tightly compacted together! Like a mini city!

  6. Fantastic picture!

    Herding Cats

  7. Yes, generally speaking, we are allocated a shoulder's width, with enough each side to 'dolly' step between markers. Then in with the next grave. That seems to be how Australian cemeteries go. Whereas many cemeteries abroad are more higgardly-piggardly, NSEW. Maybe it is a case of what I'm used to, but I LIKE our cemeteries.

    What I like about this one is that they are like a classroom of children on the first day of a new term. All spruced up and looking up expectantly at their new teacher.

    Is that a field of corn waving in the middle-distance. The layering is wonderful in this, Joan.

    Oh, and another thing. I think I am over wrought iron fences around individual graves. Good for photographers, but very isolating.

    Goodo. I am glad you are hunting around your 100 Towns for shots. It is a bit like when you finally get the new car; all you then see are other people's versions of YOUR new car!

  8. They do seem quite crowded but laid out well and architecturally pleasing.

  9. A peaceful place to rest. It looks all neat and ordered.

  10. Hee hee just got the play on words.

  11. Great pic. They certainly do look packed in. I haven't seen many cemeteries outside Oakland, but I like our higgardly-piggardly ones :-)

  12. it looks so crowded there.. but i do like it

  13. I'm arriving late, but so glad I came. This is a wonderful photo made all the better by your commentary.


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