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An oddity

In old towns we are used to old churches with old cemeteries but at Mullion Creek this simple old galvanised tin shed church has a new cemetery!  The first burial occurred in 2007. Apparently the town never had a cemetery and  it was a bit of a struggle getting the approval for this one. I'm not surprised.  It's in the very centre of this tiny town.

See more of Mullion Creek at 100 Towns.

My contribution to Taphophile Tragics this week.


  1. That will be a puzzle for taphophiles in a hundred years time.

  2. but but but .. you didn't link it in! Never mind ... it has been a hectic month. Probably for you, too. Now for a few days of deluge.

  3. Oddly interesting.

    Herding Cats

  4. haha, i thought they only had such tin weird churches in the usa!

  5. The sad thing about this, in my opinion. is that the one grave you have shown, is devoid of ... interest. It is pared down to nothingness. I guess grave-markers nowadays are very expensive. But t is all to do with how much the average wage is. Or is it to do with, dead is dead, let's move on.

    Thanks for linking it up ...

    1. Mum and Dad specifically wanted one of the less exciting lawn cemetery plots. You see they lived in the "home town" and had lived through all the fuss from non-local family members about keeping the graves in good nick and knowing that none of us were going to live anywhere nearby preferred that the fuss was the councils not ours.

  6. What an unusual church. They're both unusual and a very good find for the meme.

  7. Well now they have a place for every one to make that final Journey, every town needs at least one amazing to be just how many Cememteries we have around here, and each one seems to have its own disticnt "feel"

    1. Sondra, I'm seeing cemeteries everywhere ... it's all Julie's fault.


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