Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking for Yarrabin 8 of 10

A great new addition to the abandoned collection.

[I've reposted this because the original image was crocked and drove me nuts every time I saw it.]


  1. Windows weren't such a big deal back then, were they?! Just as well, I think it makes for more interesting photos!!!

  2. The one on the right looks like it might not have guttering. Is that a banana chair out the side?

  3. I think they both have guttering and it is junk outside not a banana chair.

    I think these are shearers quarters so not much time to spend looking out the windows anyway.

  4. A great new addition it is. And I love the stting.

    Regarding the 'decay' posts:
    No, I haven't jumped. There are 10 posts (XL to XLIX) on the series.