Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking for Yarrabin 4 of 10

We have to drive carefully. Not because the track is dirt (it is in good nick), more because much of it is unfenced so there are animals wandering about all over the place. There are cattle grids at the properly dividing lines.  We are going over a lot of grids but no sign of Yarrabin.

Visit Cudal at 100 Towns
(After a brief trial with Wordpress I've decided I prefer Blogger so 100 Towns has moved.)


  1. Lovely kink to that road, Joan. It does look to be in good nick: no currugations, no pot holes. Tick.

    I be off to Cudal now ...

    Back up to Port Macquarie at 9am ... must pack my toothbrush again.

  2. A good, well maintained dirt road is almost preferable to bitumen!!

  3. Lovely dirt road - there are so many beautiful landscape photos from your travels!