Monday, February 6, 2012

In search of sunshine

Shed, Apple Tree Flat, near Mudgee

The sun shone this weekend and it was wonderful.  But last weekend, after yet another week of living in the clouds I just had to go and try and find a place that was a little less damp, dull and grey so we took off west for the weekend.  A circuit via Mudgee to Wellington where we stayed the night and then back home via Orange and Bathurst.  Territory we have covered before but we took a few less travelled tracks on the way.


  1. I was also glad for the break in the clouds over the weekend. Such a relief!

  2. Oh! wonderful Joan ... I'm thinking a calendar of rust!!

  3. I like to see an old rusty shack. Wish I could head off to Mudgee for the weekend, one of my favourite places for obvious reasons.