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The road is silent,  All is quiet around me except for the occasional call of birds and the soft thump of this little fellow bounding over the paddock. I wonder if his feet get cold?


  1. What are you doing out of bed and outside in the cold at this time in the morning? Silly question. You're blogging. Then again, is it early or does it just look that way?

  2. Joan doesn't 'do' early, Diane!!

  3. Well this day I did get up rather early, ir was just before sunrise so around 6:30 ish. I have to get up at 5:15am to catch the train to work so my body clock is currently switched to early wake up even though it is NOT NATURAL for me.

    Have to get out early to get frost because the sun melts it away pretty fast.

  4. So very cute! No need to tell you you'll never see one these here... :-)))

  5. Did you realize the title of this post is "Slience"?
    Sounds funny.
    Slience is Golden - you know every time I hear that song now it will always be slience.

    We both have kangaroos today!
    Must be kangaroo season.

  6. Ha ha. Of course i didn't notice the typo ... I am the queen of typos.


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