Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Icons 3 of 3

The third Icon -- the avenue of trees providing a welcome entrance to nearly every country town -- often planted as a memorial after the war or as an Arbor Day project by school children long ago.  Do schools still do Arbor Day?


  1. The lighting looks gorgeous here. Lovely weather!

  2. The Avenue of Honour. So distinctive. They're always recognisable even without signage.

  3. Not only the road is lovely but also the shadows make for a great shot.

  4. This shot makes you want to drive down there. Yes schools still have Arbor Day ( maybe not all schools but those concerned about the environment do)

  5. Yes, I thought schools still had Arbour Day too ... once again, very reminiscent of the Federal Highway.

  6. Don't you just love Poplars?
    Are they an environmental weed?
    They still look good.

  7. Letty, some people say that are en environmental weed but not as bad as willows and I don't care I like both of them.

    Julie, yes lots like the Federal Highway. I went down to Canberra on Monday but was working all the time so no time to take in the scenery.

    Diane, I'm glad they still have Arbor Day but I guess they plant native tress these days so hard to tell. When you drive through the country you can tell where once a small one teacher school used to be because of the assortment of exotic trees.

    Susan, yes very reognisable.

    Megan, lovely weather that day it's unseasonably cold but very sunny now.

    JM, I always like long shadows and Poplars are perfect for doing that.